Summer Daze


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Summer Daze

Intro: Am F G Am 


Am              F 
Its sure i want know, 
                 G                   Am 
Know the lie you were told, that you know. 
Am              F       
All the time i was not sure, 
                 G          Am 
All that you've seek it was love 
Am               F 
Summer daze on the 
                 G              Am 
Seven may then i think that you too know 
Am                F 
Its sure love, werent  
           G               Am 
Beautiful like when I said hello 

C Em F C And if were lullaby let your life dive on C Em F C And if were lost of life know way all we go
Verse Am F G Am Its in more delight all they seek is fall in this love Am F G Am A some of day that will get you gather an although glass of that Am F G Am Summer daze under open light and I hoped it will dime Am F G Am No, i know it will pass for shine like a gold
C Em Let i throw your love, F C Let you hide down here C Em And nothing here to know, F C I throw my heart down here
Outro: Am F G Am

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