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	  		Skrillex And Diplo - Mind 

Am  G  C  F  (x2) 

Am          G    C              F 
You love how you push me to the point of crazy 

Am            G         C                F 
And I love when you're on your knees and begging for me 

Am           G                   C         F 
  You got me good with all these mind games 

Am         G             C          F 
There you go, you got my heart again 

Am                   F             Dm      G 
Say my name, I wanna hear you call 
Am                     F                Dm      G 
Hold me close, I wanna feel your heaaaaart 
         Am               F           Dm     G 
I'm in a cold sweat and I want you bad 

        Am          F          Dm          G 
Now you got me all in my heaaaaad, like damn 

     Am                           G              
I'ma show you how, show you how, show you how 
   C            F 
To loooooove again   X2 

* It'd be more accurate, if you keep play Am  G  C  F from beginning till the end.  
but just for the sake of fun, I've made a variation chord of Am  F  Dm  G, on the 2nd verse 

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