Silversun Pickups

Dots And Dashes Enough Already Keyboard

Silversun Pickups

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by alyslima

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Dots And Dashes Enough Already


verse 1: 

E5                                                     A5 
So you want to mess with me? Caught me in a silent scream 
Heat filling up my cheeks, not exactly what you think 
E5                                                          A5 
See you in the room next door, your feet float above the floor 
Dress torn above your knees like you?ve owned it for centuries 


verse 2: 

Em                                                  Asus 
Dots and dashes on the wall, you tell me about the falls 
Of kingdoms and champions you've seen a thousand times before 
Em                                                    Asus 
I show you my private things like my scrapbook of fantasies 
You say I look a little too green for saving 

Em D I'm already bored, I'm already wise, I'm already worn I'm already wondering "what am I?" Am C I'm already rough, I'm already lean I'm already wanting to be obscene Em D I'm already cursed, I'm already dry I'm already wondering "what am I?" Am C I've already learned a bit of sin Enough already let me in C Bm D C We signal in a moon beam, I beg you to follow me Bm D C You say that I'll be surprised at the codes in the sunrise Bm D C But if I don?t like what I see and my grip starts loosening Bm D The edge of the big reveal could be the end of the story
(Riff) Bridge: E5 A5 C E5 I just found innocence spinning around, spinning around A5 C Should I stand back and blow it all down, blow it all away? (Chorus)

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