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Sleepwalking Convict Keyboard

Silence 4

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by destrudos

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Sleepwalking Convict

Esta música é tocada com um Capo (Travessão) no 1º trasto. 
Dm, Bbsus4, F, C  
Dm, Bbsus4, F 
Dm               Bbsus4 
Don't point your gun 
F                   C 
My hands are on the ground 
Dm          Bbsus4 F 
I'm turning myself in 
Dm                Bbsus4 
A thousand hiding-places 
  F                 C 
A million concealed faces 
    Dm         Bbsus4     F 
And none could stop my suffering 
Dm      Bbsus4 
No fake stories 
  F             C 
I fired all the lawyers 
     Dm   Bbsus4 F C   
I'll sign below my guilt 
F    C  Dm   Bb 
Lock me Free me 
C#         D#          Dm 
Forgive me Allow me to sleep 
( os acordes para os próximos versos são iguais ao do 1º e ao 2º verso respectivamente ) 
I've tired diferent pills 
Orgasmic thrills 
They had no effect on me 
I've flied the world around 
I've turned it upside down 
But still i found no relief 
I finally rest my head in your chest 
I hope for hope and peace 
F    C  Dm   Bb 
Lock me Free me 
C#         D#          F 
Forgive me Allow me to sleep 
C Bbsus4  
         F      C Bbsus4 
So i can sleep 
Sleepwalking convict 
            C      Bbsus4 
I'm turning myself down 
Sleepwalking convict 
            C                   Bbsus4            C#    D# 
I'm turning myself, i'm turning my i'm turning my-ahh 
Lock me Free me 
Forgive me and i will sleep 


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