Shakey Graves

Georgia Moon

Shakey Graves

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Georgia Moon


These chords follow the recorded version on the "Roll The Bones" album with the  
Capo on 5th fr (though live versions have the capo elsewhere). 

Live, sometimes he throws a G between the F & c in the verse. 

And he also uses an Am E F C progression to get back to the C from the F in the  
Instrumental transitions. 

...seriously everytime you play it, its a complete f'n roll of the dice... this song... 


C   E7  F   C 

verse i 

C      E7  F                 C 
...doin' 85 going north on 81 

C                      E7         F             C 
...won't see my baby 'til the rising of the sun 

C   E7           F                              C 
Tennessee keeps warnin’ me if I "Booze It" I might "Lose it" 

Dm        G 
but shine on Georgia Moon! 

Dm G C 
Shine on! 


E7  F 

Dm G C 

verse ii 

C                     E7    F                                C 
It's hard to see the road through this rain and all the fog 

C                   E7     F                    C 
This Appalachian drivin' has me tired as a dog 

C               E7       F                     C 
But this mason full of moonshine gonna keep me mighty strong 


    Dm    G    
so shine on Georgia Moon! 

Dm G C 
Shine on! 


E7  F 

Dm G 

Dm G C 

E7  F 

E7  F   C 

verse iii 

C                  E7  F                     C 
So loosen up the lid and open up the throttle 

C                  E7     F                              C 
You wanna see the light? Ain't gonna find it in a bottle 


                  Dm    G 
'cause when I’m sippin’ on a jar 

      Dm           G       C 
the road ain't quite so long 

E7  F  E7  C 

eff it...finish it however you like with some C Am E E7 F Dm...whatever the  
f''s different every time 

so shine on Georgia Moon! 

Shine on! 


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