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Sean Dayton

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	  		verse 1 

C#m     E/G#              A 
I wanna feel it when Your heart beats 
C#m         E/G#           A 
Beneath the shadow of Your wings 
C#m       E/G#             A 
I need to know that You are with me 
C#m          E/G#           A 
God, take me to that secret place 

A Cause I love to be with You B Yeah, I love to be with You A/C# There’s nothing that’s greater B/D# Beautiful Saviour C#m E/G# A You will never let me go C#m E/G# A You’re the lover of my soul
verse 2 C#m E/G# A I wanna hear it when Your voice speaks C#m E/G# A I know You’re calling me by name C#m E/G# A Anywhere you lead me I will follow C#m E/G# A From darkest night into the day BRIDGE A B C#m And this is where I find a love so holy A B This is where I find my home A B C#m All fear is gone when I am held by mercy A B A/C# B/D# A perfect peace I can’t describe, A perfect peace I can’t describe

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