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C                   G                                   
So after all those one night stands. 
              Bb                F 
 You've ended up with heart in hand. 
C              G                  F   
A child alone. On your own. Retreating. 
    C               G                         
Regretful for the things your not.  
    Bb                          F 
And all the dreams you haven't got. 
    C              G                     F 
Without a home. A heart of stone lies bleeding. 
         G                                    F                             
And for all the roads you followed.  And for all you did not find.  
         G                                F 
And for all the things you had to leave behind. 

C G Am F G C I am the way. I am the light. I am the dark inside the night. G Am F G C I hear your hopes. I feel your dreams. And in the dark I hear your screams. G Am F G C Don't turn away just take my hand. And when you make your final stand. G Am F G C I'll be right there. I'll never leave. And all I ask of you is believe.
(Verse 2) Your childhood eyes were so intense. Like bartering your innocence. For bits of strings. Grown up wings you needed. But when you had to add them up. You found that they were not enough. To get you in, pay for sins repeated. (Bridge 2) And for all the years you borrowed. And for all the tears you hide. And for all the fears you had to keep inside. (Repeat chorus) C G Am I never wanted to know Never wanted to see. I wasted my time F G C G Till time wasted me. Never wanted to go. Always wanted to stay. Am F G C Cause the persons I am are the parts that I play. So I plot and I plan. G Am F G Hope and I scheme. To the lure of a night filled with unfinished dreams. C G And I'm holding on tight . To a world gone astray. F G C As they charge me for years I can't pay. _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Caio Oliveira([email protected])

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