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Wedding Day Keyboard

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by joboa

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Wedding Day

  		                        Bbmaj7			       F	 
Wonder how long it will take for this heart of mine to break  
                        C                       Bbmaj7  F         
There I watch you walk away, this was to be our wedding day.  
                       Bbmaj7	       	             F 
I won't hear the choir sing while I hold your golden ring.  
                        C                     Bbmaj7  F 
Might as well throw it away with my dreams of wedding day.  
Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh.Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh. Oh to hold you in my arms again.  
I watched my whole world fade away on this our wedding day.  
Who was right and who was wrong, makes no difference when you're all alone.  
                    C                                      F  G#  F 
As I watch you walk away. Goodbye darling, goodbye wedding day.  
by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 


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