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Roy Orbison

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by joboa

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  		C                       F               C  
Crazy heart your baby's gone, don?t you know?.  
 			 F               G  
Empty arms give up, give up, come on let go.  
And maybe I will be alright.  
And maybe I?ll get through tonight.  
     F     G               Bb  C      
Then maybe I will see you tomorrow.  
Misty eyes don?t see that face in every tear.  
Longing lips don?t speak that name, there?s no one here.  
And maybe I will see the dawn.  
And maybe i?ll get by alone.  
Then maybe I will lose my sorrow.  
Dm                 G                       C      C7                       
In a hundred years trough a million tears, maybe, maybe.  
Maybe I?ll be loving you.  
And maybe when my life is through  
Then maybe i?ll get over you.  
Bb C   Bb C   Bb F 
Maybe, maybe, maybe.  
by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 


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