Rod Stewart

Sometimes When We Touch Keyboard

Rod Stewart

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by victborges

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Sometimes When We Touch

  		intro  D D/G D/A D  

Verse 1  
         D           D/G             D/A          D  
     You ask me if I love you, and I choke on my reply.  
     F#m             Bm             E                  A  
I'd rather hurt you honestly, than mislead you with a lie.  
     Em           A           D               Bm  
And who am I to judge you on what you say or do?  
  G            F#/D         E        F#   A  
I'm only just beginning to see the real you.  

D D/G A F#m And sometimes when we touch the honesty's too much Bm E A And I have to close my eyes and hide. D D/G A F#/A I want to hold you till I die, till we both break down and cry. Em A D I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides.
Verse2 D D/G D/A D Romance in all its strategy has me battling with my pride F#m Bm E A But though the insecurity some tenderness survives. Em A D Bm I'm just another writer still trapped with in my truth, G F#/D E F# A A hesitant prizefighter still trapped with in my youth. Chorus Bridge: A A A D At times I'd like to hold you and drive you to your knees, Bm F#m G A At times I'd like to break through and hold you endlessly. D D/G D/A D At times I understand you, and I know how hard you try. F#m Bm E A I've watched while love commands you and I've watched love pass you by. Em A D Bm At times I think were drifters, still searching for a friend. G F# D E F# A a brother or a sister, but then the passion flares again. Repeat Chorus.

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