Rod Clements


Rod Clements

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                        A                               D 
Well I'm working in the canyon, I've got a shovel in my hand 
                        A                         E 
To put a dam across the river, bring power to the land 
                         A                         D 
The sun's beating like a hammer, everyday it's the same 
                      A        E                        A 
Then I lay me down in Ragtown,   beneath a blanket on a frame 

                         A                           D 
Well I was tunneling the bedrock, I thought I had it made 
                 A                           E 
But the heat got to me, they sent the ice brigade 
                         A                          D 
They brought water and a stretcher, layed me up all day 
                          A        E               A 
Then they sent me back to Ragtown,   I got no pay 

Well there's a jumbo drilling, and a spoil leak filling 
     A                          F#m 
It's 97 in the shade, there's a great day coming 
         D                           E 
When the turbines are humming, if we only get the damn thing made 

                   A                        D 
Sometimes I get to wonder, if I can make it through 
                    A                           E 
I hear the dynamite thunder, I see the wrecking crew 
                    A                 D 
St. Peter don't you worry, send me anywhere 
                 A        E               A 
Long as it ain't Ragtown,    then I don't care 

There's a scaleman swinging, and a pickhead ringing 
A                                        F#m 
Don't it look a long way down, keep your hat on tight 
             D                    E 
You're gonna be all right, if you only keep your feet on the ground 

               A                          D 
Come on little honey, come on and say you will 
                      A                         E 
I got enough to get a house built, up in Boulderville 
                          A                      D 
I'll pay a quarter on the dollar, to the company man 
                         A        E                 A 
And if it gets us out of Ragtown,   I'll do it if I can 
                         A        E                 A 
And if it gets us out of Ragtown,   I'll do it if I can 
                         A        E                 F#m   
D  A  E  A 
And if it gets us out of Ragtown,   I'll do it if I can 

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