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Endless Flight Keyboard

Richie Furay

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by joboa

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Endless Flight

C                       F          C                   F  
Were you lovers or just strangers crossing each others lives. 
           C          F                  C                     F 
Were there moments of true love when you looked on each others eyes. 
         Bb             Am                  F                  G 
Oh, it's crazy how it's all over now and to think how you have cried, 

When you made up, never gave up, you had hope, oooh, you  survived. 
There's a fantasy, but just let it be, yeah, there are those 
Who would have you believe that your love was all wrong, 
You never belonged, it's a lie, don't walk out and leave. 
Wish I may, wish I might have this wish tonight, 
That you'll make up, never break up and your love will be an endless flight. 

G       Am             Em                  F  
Endless Flight there's nothing in your way tonight. 
         C                        F 
It's too fast how we live, takin' back all we give, 
      C                      F  
Never leaving enough but the pain. 
      C                          F                G 
Oh, I know in my heart you'll be fallin' in love again. 
   C             F                         C                    F  
So do it now and do it up right, take your hearts on an endless flight. 
    Am                C             F 
And feel the way you did one summer night. 
by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 


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