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Man On The Moon R.E.M. Keyboard


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by pinkfloydbeck

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Man On The Moon R.E.M.

  		C/D=054030  ( C chord slide up 2 frets )  
C			C/D		C  
Mott the Hoople and the Game of Life , yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,  
C			C/D		C  
Andy Kauffman in the Wrestling Match, yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,  
C			C/D		C  
Monopoly, 21, checkers and chess , yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,  
C			C/D		C  
Mr. Fred Blassey in a breakfast mess, yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,  
C			C/D		C  
Let's play twister, lets play risk, yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,  
C			C/D		C  
See you in heaven if you make the list, yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah,  

Am G Now Andy did you hear about this one Am G Tell me are you locked in the punch Am G C Hey Andy are you goofin' on Elvis, hey baby
D Are you losin' touch ( 2nd time - Are we havin' fun ) G Am C Bm G Am D Now if you believe they put a Man on the Moon, Man on the Moon G Am C Bm Am And if you believe, there's nothin' up their sleeve Am Nothin' is cool Moses went walking with the staff of wood Newton got beaned by the apple good Egypt was troubled by the horrible asps Mr. Charles Darwan had the gall to ask Chorus Here's a little legend for the never-believer Here's a little ghost for the offering Here's a truck-stop instead of St. Peter's Mr. Andy Kauffman is wrestling (Chorus)

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