Ray Charles

Am I Blue

Ray Charles

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Am I Blue

(Grant Clarke and Harry Akst)


Intro: A7 A7/13-  D6 D7M F#m7 

Am  I  blue 
B9    Em7 Em6 9 
Am I blue 
A9/13-       F#m7 B9    E7   Bm      A7  D6/9 Bm7 Em7 A7 
Ain't these tears in my eyes tellin' you 
A7/13-   D6   D7M  D6/9 
Am I blue 
      Em7     A4/7 A7 
You'd be, too 
A6       D6   C7   B7   E7  B7   B9   D6     Fdim        
If each plan with your man just fell through 


F     F#m7          Fdim 
Was a time I was his only one; 
Fdim                 F#m        Em7 A7 
 Now I'm the sad and lonely one 
A7/13-    D   D7M   D6/9 
Was  I gay? 
       Em7   A4/7 A7 
Til today  
A6        D6   C7  B7      E7     Bb9   A9 D6 Bm7 Fdim 
Now he's gone and we're through  am I blue 
 A7    D6  Cdim  Fdim  Bb9 A9 D6 Bm7 D4/7 
Am  I blue      
Bm6 A7  D9 
Am  I blue 

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