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I'm Affect Keyboard


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I'm Affect

{ bass riff } 
{ F#  E   } x3 
{ E  G  D } x4 
A                     F         G 
When I look into your big brown eyes 
And I feel like I'm in paradise 
I want you by my side 
              A                F G         
   'cause I'm affected, 'fected 
   Yeah, I'm affected, 'fected 
            A        F        G        A      
   Well I'm affected and all I want is you 
      Didn't know it a few years ago 
      But now I finally know 
      I want you by my side 
      G          E   
      I want you baby, baby, baby, baby 
Yeah, I love you and I want you to know 
Yeah, yeah, and that's for sure 
I want you by my side 
   'cause I'm affected... 
      Didn't know... 
{ F  E  D } x4       { with bass riff } 
{ E  G  D } x4 
Yeah, I love you... 
   'cause I'm affected... 
   'cause I'm affected... 
D-------------|--------------------|--------------   { bass } 
A--0--5--0--9-|--0--9--0--9--5--9--|--5--7--0--5--   { riff } 
Contribuição: Gideon Danni([email protected]) 


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