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Am  C/F  C  Fmaj7 
Am  C/F  C  Dm7 
G7  G 
G7  G 

verse 1 


Am             C/F               C     Fmaj7 
Dreamers, they never learn, they never learn 
  Am                 C/F           C    Fmaj7 
Beyond the point, of no return, of no return 
         Am            C/F                 C         Dsus2 
And it's too late, the damage is done, the damage is done 

Dsus2    Dm   
Dsus2    Dm   
Dsus2/A  Dm/A 
Dsus2/A  Dm/A 

verse 2 

Am           C/F        C        Fmaj7 
This goes, beyond me, beyond you 
    Am             C/F               C        Fmaj7 
The white room, by window, where the sun goes through 
Am          C/F                  C               Dsus2 
We are just happy to serve, just happy to serve, you 


Dsus2    Dm   
Dsus2    Dm   
Dsus2/A  Dm/A  
Dsus2/A  Dm/A 

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