Purple Chillies

Second Bye Keyboard

Purple Chillies

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by brunblazkowski

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Second Bye

  		Intro: Dm Bb9 

Dm                              Bb9 
In the second half we're in a show 
Dm                       Bb9 
TVs on, TVs off, yes I know 
Dm                            Bb9 
The golden card can save the world 
Dm                                  Bb9 
In the questions, São Luís's baby is for sure 

Dm Am Bb5 I know,Uhuu oh yeah F5 E5 Second Bye oh yeah
Solo 1: Dm Bb9 Dm Bb9 Love me, is the better way to find a good place Dm Bb9 Love me, she has the letter C only in her name Dm Bb9 I see a lot of churchs in the streets Dm Bb9 I see your love but i found that cannot say Refrão Solo 2: Dm Am Bb5 F5 E5 Dm In the second bye the way Am Bb5 F5 E5 Don't know what's up to see, are nobody on the way Dm On my second bye way Am Bb5 F5 I wanna travel around it, it's nobody on my kid E5 Anybody says ( Dm Am Bb5 F5 E5 ) Refrão Intro

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