Pokey Lafarge

Let's Get Lost

Pokey Lafarge

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Let's Get Lost


Intro: C G C F-C-G  C G C 

C                                  G G7  
Laying in the shade on a sunny afternoon 
                     C                      G 
Well, I ain't got a job, so I've nothin? to do 
E         Am   E          Am 
But get lost, let?s get lost 
G         C          G         C 
Let your weary mind take you away 
                 C                     G 
Just whisper to me, baby, don't talk loud 
                        C                            G 
I wanna listen to the trees, maybe stare up at the clouds 
E                    Am   E          Am 
Yes, I want to get lost, let?s get lost 
G          C        G         C   C7 
Let your lazy mind take you away 

F C C7 She got stars in her eyes, she got her head in the skies F G G7 And she sometimes cries when she?s dreamin?, dreamin? C You better believe that I'm going to be there G C By your side when you're sleeping C G C What them other boys said were lies C G C F C G I?d like to circle round the whole world twice C G C Just getting? lost with you by my side
Solo: C G C G E Am E Am G C G C C7 F C C7 F G G7 G C C7 C I don't want to fuss, I don't want to fight G G7 I don't want to go anywhere tonight C I don't want to dance or carry on G E I don't want to hear nobody?s song Am E Am Just want to get lost, let?s get lost G C G C C7 Let your ramblin? mind take you away Chorus Ending: C G C F-C-G C G C G C

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