Pierce The Veil

Hell Above (acoustic) Keyboard

Pierce The Veil

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by sabrjoao

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Hell Above (acoustic)

Intro: F# D C# B A B A 


I cannot spend another night in this home  

I close my eyes and take a breath real slow  

The consequence is if I leave I'm alone  
                                  C# (Hold this note)  
But whats the difference when you beg for love  

F#                          C#  
I run through glass in the street. Kerosene hearts  
Carry the name my father gave me  
And take the face of the wolf.   

F# D B C# This is a Wasteland, my only retreat }This will be known as F# D B C# With heaven above you there is hell over me
F# I met a girl who never looked so alone C# Like sugar water in your mouth luke warm D She tied a cherry stem for me with her tongue C# We fell in love and now we're both alone F# C# Cause I don't need anymore friends and D another kiss like fire on pavement C# We'll burn it down to the end
F# D The water is rusted the air is unclean B C# Just for a second I'll feel free
(First half of Chorus) F# F# C# F I've waited all this night to honor you and say F# F# C# F I know it's hard, but who are you to fall apart on me, on me (For this Chorus you are going to do this riff twice)
F# D You said what about us, well what about me? B C# Hang from the gallows, asleep in the rain F# D B C# Cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat F#

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