Peter Wolf Crier

Untitled 101 Keyboard

Peter Wolf Crier

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by fernsantana

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Untitled 101

C       F         Am 
Lord, I want your kiss  
          C           F             Am 
Would not beg for one more if one's all you'd give 
Send your grace  
     Am        C        G 
I'll enlist in your army 
        Bb               Am        C 
Be that you'll find some place for me.  

C          F       Am 
Lord, show me your face  
        C             F        Am 
Show me once and I'll keep you all my days 
        Dm        Am          C        G 
Will be tamed not conspire to treasure seek  
        Bb             Am      C 
Once my eyes find your skin in reach.  

C    F    Am 
C    F    Am 
Dm   Am   C   G 
Bb   Am   C 

C             F        Am 
Lord, I'm yours to take  
Although bruised 
         F        Am  
I've got life within these legs  
        Dm           Am 
By your word make me whole  
          C          G 
Send your saints for me  
      Bb           Am      C 
By my sword I will pray to keep. 

Dm       Am     C         G 
Love for thee I pledge to keep  
          Bb            Am        C 
Once when you find some plans for me. 

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