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Sonic Reducer

the main chord progression is pretty easy C# G# A F# (power chords of  
course) this is during the lines 
   I don't need anyone, don't need ... 
The chords between the verse and the chorus are: 
E           F#           A           B 
I've got my time machine, got my 'lectronic dream 
At least that's what they sound to me. Bye 
then for the chorus i play      g-4/6-6-------  (I don't have my guitar 
                                D-4/6-6-6-7---   with me so i can't remember 
                                A-2/4-4-6-7---   the exact strums but those 
                                E-------4-5---   are the chords) 
   Sonic reducer, ain't ... 
Contribuição: Pedro Monteiro([email protected]) 


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