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Nobody Knows Keyboard

Paul McCartney

Difficulty: nolevelnolevel

by joaoewerton

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Nobody Knows

  		Intro:A  D  A  E  D  A x2 
      A  D  A 

E              D                A 
I say nobody knows, no nobody knows  

Which one of you can tell me what is I'm looking at. 
Anyone who can has got to be a crazy cat, 
  A                          D 
'cause I believe that, that nobody knows. 
No nobody knows. 
Yeah, nobody knows, No Lord, I cannot tell you. 
Well, that's the way I like it, 
  D               A 
yeah Now,nobody Knows. 


 D                A 
Nobody Knows oh, nobody Knows. 
       E                          A 
Well, Lord you know that nobody knows. 

Samson and Delilah would have made a crazy pair. 
If the silly woman hadn't shaven off his hair. 
     D                              A 
I believe that nobody knows, yeah, nobody knows. 
      E                             D            A 
But that's the way I like it, yeah now, nobody knows. 

A  D  A 

  E                        D       A 
That's the way I like it, nobody knows. 

I may go hungry, maybe next week. 
Well, if I do then I'll still find something to eat. 
And you know, nobody knows, no nobody knows. 
Well, that's the way I like it, baby, nobody knows. 

And that includes you, honey (Nobody knows) 
I'll pay your rent. 
I'll do you right (Nobody knows) 
most every night. 
But still there's nobody knows, no now, nobody knows. 
      E                              D 
And that's the way I like to keep it 
just so nobody knows. 

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