Paul McCartney

Dear Friend

Paul McCartney

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Dear Friend

	  		Cm             Cm7/Bb 
Dear friend, what’s the time? 
Is this really the borderline? 
Cm                 Cm7/Bb           Ab7M   
Does it really, mean so much to you 
Ab         Fm   Fm/Eb  Fm/D 
Are you afraid?           
Fm/D     Cm 
Or is it true 

Cm           Cm7/Bb 
Dear friend, throw the wine 
I’m in love with a friend of mine 
Cm            Cm7/Bb          Ab7M   
Really truly, young and newly wed 
Ab7M   Fm      Fm/Eb  Fm/D 
Are you a fool 
Fm/D     Cm 
Or is it true 

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