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Paul McCartney

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Coming Up

(Paul McCartney)

{Intro:} E A Bm E 
E                               A Bm 
You Want A Love To Last Forever 
E                             A Bm 
One That Will Never Fade Away 
E                                 A Bm 
I Wanna Help You With Your Problem 
Stick Around I Say 
       A Bm C#m D 
Coming Up 
       E F#m G G# 
Coming Up 
       A Bm        C#m D 
Coming Up Like A Flower 
       E F#m G   G# 
Coming Up I Say Yeah 
You Want A Friend You Can Rely On 
One Who That Will Never Fade Away 
And If You're Searching For An Answer 
Stick Around I Say 
Solo: A E 
You Want Some Peace And Understanding 
So Everybody Can Be Free 
I Know That We Can Get Together 
We Can Make It stick With Me 
You Want A Better Kind Of Future 
One That Everyone Can Share 
You're Not Alone we All Could Use It 
We Can Make we're Nearly There 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 

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