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Bought a ticket to Seattle, 
But I can't get to the plane. 
D                             A 
Every time I leave you I keep runnin out of chain. 
   D                           G 
My hunger for your lovin never gives me any slack, 
But if I ever break away,  
I'm never comin back to these. 

D G Chains, Chains shackles and chains. A No matter what it takes, Im gonna break these. D G Chains, Chains shackles and chains. D These love takin, heart breakin, C G D Cold hard lonely makin chains.
D You never try to hold me, G Till you see me walkin out. D I guess you'd rather be with me, A Than ever be without. D You call me back and kiss me, G And my heart begins to sink. A When I know that all your doin, Is takin up another link in these.(Sing Chorus) G D Love was never meant to be a one way street. A D I was never meant to be fallin at your feet. G You got me where you want me, D And I dont know what to do. A You don't belong to me, But I belong to you and those. (Sing Chorus twice and fade out second time)

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