Interlude Holiday Keyboard


Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by bombaXXX

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Interlude Holiday


Intro: Db 

 (C            Am 
Now I can move on to facing, 
 C        Am     C 
Big girl problems, 
No more high school drama, 
 G   Dm         G 
Graduated with honors. 

(C)               Am 
And I'm drinkin' coffee while I, 
 C       Am 
Read the paper, 
  C         Am 
I've been savin' money, eatin', 
  Dm      G 
Only top ramen. 

G   A   Bm  D  C 
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh. 

(C)   Am             C      Am 
Now I get a holiday, 
(C)        Am          D     G 
Wherever I go I might stay. 
(C)          Am         C    Am 
I don't plan on coming back, 
(C)     Am          D     G 
Ever if I can help it. 

(C)   Am    C        Am 
Now I get a holiday, 
(C)                 Am 
I think I'll stay, 
     D           G 
Holiday, think I'll stay. 
Now I get a holiday. 

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