I'm Not Angry Anymore Keyboard


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by deivcavalcanti

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I'm Not Angry Anymore


E       C        G 
I'm not angry anymore 
Well sometimes I am 
E       C              G 
I don't think badly of you 
     D           A 
Well sometimes I do... 

C                 D 
It depends on the day, 
    E                A 
The extent of all my worthless rage, 
C       D        G 
I'm not angry anymore. 

E       C         G 
I'm not bitter anymore, 
I'm syrupy sweet. 
E          C                   G 
I rot your teeth down to their core, 
       D          A 
If I'm really happy. 

C               D 
Depends on the day, 
     E            A 
If I wake up in a giddy haze, 
C             D 
Well, I'm not angry, 
C               D 
I'm not totally angry, 
C            D     G 
I'm all that angry anymore. 

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