Paper Route

Love Letters Keyboard

Paper Route

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by gustsilva

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Love Letters

Verse 1 

F            G 
You found me sleeping 

F         G 
In Eden's garden 

Em                   Bm 
And my hand was your key 

Em                     Bm 
You've been waiting for me 

Verse 2 

F                G 
From the longest winter 

F              G 
To the coldest summer 

Em               Bm 
Like the midwest thunder 

Em                 Bm 
You have pulled me under 


D                Bm          G 
I'll do anything it takes to get through 

D          Bm           G 
I can carry you any distance 

D              Bm                G 
No one's ever gonna love you like I do 

G D This time I'm different G D This time I'm different
Verse 3 F G If you move then I'll move F G You will take me with you Em Bm I am under your skin Em Bm I am your heart that's beating Pre-chorus Chorus Verse 4 F G My soul you should know F G Can share your sorrow Em Bm Open the window let the light in F G Woah-o-o-o (6x) Verse 4 Chorus

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