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Keep The Dream Alive Keyboard


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Keep The Dream Alive

Year: 2005 - Album: Don't Believe The Truth

  		Obs.: A letra que está sem cifra é igual a primeira parte, 
      por isso não coloquei as notas. 
Intro: B  C#m 
     B                 C#m                      B    
Four Seasons.. seconds flick and flash... I`m alone  
  B               C#m 
A lonely scream provides the scene  
It`s no home 
      E                C#m     
Every night I hear you scream, 
        E                  A      
But you don`t say what you mean 
 B                 C#m               B    C#m   
This was my dream, but now my dream has flown  
I`m at the crossroads waiting for a sign  
My life is standing still, but I`m still alive  
Every night I think I know  
In the morning where did he go  
The answers disappear when I open my eyes  
I`m no stranger to this place  
Where real life and dreams collide  
And even though I fall from grace  
I will keep the dream alive  
Contribuição: Vinicius Fernandes([email protected]) 

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