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I'm Outta Time Keyboard


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by jessgomes

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I'm Outta Time

IntroduÁ„o: ( Em C C#m C ) 

Hereís a song  
It reminds me of when we were young  
Looking back at all the things weíve done  
You gotta keep on keepiní on  

Out to sea  
Is the only place I am asleep  
Can get myself some piece of mind  
You know itís getting hard to fly  

G If Iím to fall D Would you be there to applaud Em Or would you hide behind the law Am Because if Iím to go C In my heart youíll grow G And thatís where you belong
Solo: base ( Em (Am) C Refr„o G Yes Iím out of time D/F# Iím out of time Em Iím out of time Am Iím out of time C Iím out of time G D/F# Em Am C (8x)

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