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  		Intro:E		     A  		   E		  A

Verse 1

     E                     A
Wake up, there's a new day dawning
             E                        A
I think I'll take a little walk for a while
       E                     A
I need shades cos the sun is blinding
          E                 A
And I can see for miles and miles
           E                A       
Yeah I can feel the earth beneath me
      E              A
I lie down we are as one
     E                    A
They look but they cannot find me
    E                       A
I'm off and heading for the sun

C#m             A      C#m                       A
    I'm getting colder,    I feel a chill in the air
C#m                         A
    There's a change in the weather
C#m                G#m
    Here it comes again, 
              A        E
    now I can feel the rain

    D                       D                    D
The wind that brings on the change  is taking me over 
    D                       D
The wind that brings on the rain    is making me older

Verse 2
E		      A		   E			A
Downtown, the moon is shining, I'm gonna dress it up in style
   E			A	   E			  A
My business everybody's minding, I need to get away for a while
(repeat chorus)


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