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Were Bros Keyboard


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by lucicamargo

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Were Bros


Em                    C 
Bros, best friends forever 

      D                      G5      F#/G 
We're bros, not just fair-weathered 

      Em                 C 
We're bros since we were born, yeah 

      D                      G5      F#/G   
We're bros from Southern California 

C5                       D5 
I'll carry him after the show 

G5       F#/G           Em 
He ain't heavy, he's my bro 

C5                            D5 
Sometimes I wish he'd act his age 

G5       F#/G              Em 
My buddy pissed himself on stage 

C5                      Cm 
He ain't heavy, he's my bro 

He's my bro  

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