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Vanilla Sex Keyboard


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by lucianopeixoto

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Vanilla Sex


( C D C D Am Am Am Am ) 2x 

Verso 1: 

( C D C D Am Am Am Am ) 3x 

Don't ever take away from me my pornography 
Obviously we don't agree on what's obscene 
I have the right to choose what I 
Want to see and read 

Verso 2: 

( F G E A F G ) 

ai em baixo eu tem a TAB pra tentar explicar aquela paradinha 
na hora do E 


Don't even try to take away from me 
My right to privacy because what I 
Do is no one's business but me 

( C D C D Am Am Am Am ) 2x 

Verso 3:  

( C D C D A A A A ) 2x 

So stay in your missionary position 
I hope that you get bored to death 
There's no way I'm going thru life 
Having vanilla sex 

Verso 4: 

( F G E A F G ) 

The government's trying to get into 
Your bedroom you better lock your 
Door and close your shades because 
There could be someone watching you today 

Base do solo: 

( C D C D A A A A ) 4x 

Verso 5: 

( F G E A ) 3x 
( F G ) 


Why do they try to make things illegal 
Why do we have to be 21 
you're so afraid that people are having 
Too much fun 
Why do they care what I do in my bedroom 
Why do you want to know how I screw 
It seems to me you've got nothing better 
To do. 


C D C D  


Cifras e TABS by: Luciano Peixoto 


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