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Scavenger Type

Intro: D 
Giggin' alone at the bottom of the hill 
   Our protagonist named Bill 
Bm                          G5 
   Sets his sights on an an  -  chor steam pint 
    D        Gb                 Bm 
All he needs    is thirteen quarters 
   Congregated in his hat 
D - Em7 - Em7 - Am7 
A crow,   a scavenger type 
Gb                  Bm 
   California redemption 
         G5                   D 
provides    him with his rent 
     Gb                  Bm 
Room    and board inside of 
        G5       D    Em7 Em7 Am7 
A fifth    of comfort 
            D                      Gb 
As the wind   penetrates his bones 
His mind keeps focused 
G5   D                  Gb 
   Tidal waves of sound 
       Bm                G5 
Catapulted from his horn 
            D    Em7 Em7 Am7 
wail like lovers 
          D                  Gb 
The coins   don't drop consistent 
as does the mercury 
        G5                D 
His me  -  ter slows realizin' 
    Gb                       Bm 
A zenith, he's reached perfection 
No one    did see him die 
D - Em7 - Em7 - Am7 
Contribuição: Luiz Felipe L. Azevedo([email protected]) 


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