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Moron Brothers Keyboard


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Moron Brothers

Intro:  C,D-C 
        C, F, D, Fii 
C                G           F              G 
talking bout the moron bros, tatood fingers tattooed toes 

C, Fii-Eii-D, D, Fii-Eii-D, Fii-Eii-D, C 
C                                     F 
they're idiots they're losers they're scum 
C                   Eii D  C   F 
taking advantage of everyone 
(same chords) 
your a dog they're your fleas 
doin everything they can to spread disease 
take you beer take your drugs 
leave with you microscopic bugs 
their company's something you won't miss 
when your icetrays are filled with piss 
C            G              F           G 
they are the moron brothers don't get along with others 
C             G 
they'll whine they'll bitch 
they'll fuck you if you're rich 
(same chords) 
they'll leach they'll latch  
they are the itch you can't scratch 
doo doo doo do do do do... 
C                     F 
they'll ink your face tape your eyes closed 
D                               Fii 
tobasco's in your mouth there's mustard up your nose 
when your head is shaved you'll think the worst has passed 
just try to move your leg they put you in a cast yeah 
C-C, B-B, A, F, G 
they are the moron brothers, don't get along with others 
they may not go down in history, they'll go down on your sister... 
Contribuição: psychodelick([email protected]) 

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