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Lory Mayers

 B                   A        G               
Lory Mayers used to live upstairs 
              A                  D 
Our parents had been friends for years 
 B                    A         G 
Almost every afternoon wed play forbidden games 
A                                        D             Em  
At nine yeares old there no such thing as shame 
 B                     A      G 
It wasn't recognition of her face  
What brought me back was familiar Mark 
As it flashed agross the screen 
                 B                 A         G 
I bought some magazines, some video taped scenes 
                 A                    D                Em 
Incriminating act I fell that I could save her 
 B                  A    G 
Who aer you to teel me how to live my life? 
                 F#   A                     D 
You think I sell my body, I merely sell my time 
                 B                         A    G 
I aint no  cinderella, I aint waiting for no prince 
                 F#   A                           D 
To save me in fact until just now I was doin just fine 
and on and on 
I know what degradation feels like 
 A   G}		                A 
I felt it on the floor at the factory 
                      D                B 
Where I worked long before, I took control 
Now I answer to me 
                    A                        F# 
The 50k I make this year will go anywhere I please 
Wheres the problem? 
Repete a introdução até acabar a música. 
Contribuição: Giovani Preza Fontes([email protected]) 


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