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by vasodebarro

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Year: 2000 - Album: Shine: The Hits

  		Verse 1: 
Tears have fallen 
F       Am 
Water beats 
Am                  Em     F 
Wipe the floor with my regrets 
In the crevice 
F      Am 
Tiny seeds 
Am                   Em       F 
Spring to life from pardoned debts 
And all I have all I have is 

F C2 Praises on my tongue Am From my heart G F For our God who became flesh C2 For us all Am Unto You G I will sing my praises, sing forever
Verse 2: Am In the quiet F Am I lament Am Em F Every nail my sin did buy Am And I wonder F Am Why You spent Am Em F Lavish blood on such as I G When all I have, all I have is (Chorus) Bridge: F C2 G Oh for a thousand tongues to sing To sing aloud, sing aloud F C2 G All to the glory of my God and King To sing aloud, sing aloud (repeat) (Chorus) Ending: G This is the truth C Of God and man and life

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