The Other Side


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The Other Side

Intro:  D  D  G  D  G  G  A  D 

D              G      D 
After my death I will return 
         G               A     D 
and I'll turn you to the other side 
D                     G             D 
'cause I will die but my work never dies 
        G                A           D 
I will live for all, for all that is mine 
G           A       G         A 
I will keep talking until you hear 
G           A                      D 
I will keep fighting for I have to say 

D                  G         D 
Let your pride and come with me 
        G                     A     D 
come to see, come to hear the other side 
D                   G           D 
You'll have another view of the world 
         G                   A    D 
you will clean your mind and your soul 
G             A      G       A 
you reach perfection and not reaction 
G        A                 A 
when you believe no longer be 

D            G       D 
Come with me to be a child 
        G          A     D 
come to learn all over again 
D                G             D 
Your mind is key and you can't resist 
         G          A     D 
Come and be free in a new way 
G         A      D          A 
All you need is to know you hear me 
G       A                  D 
For I am the voice of your heart 

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