Morgan Cryar

What Sin?

Morgan Cryar

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What Sin?

Bb   Eb   Cm F/A 

It happened so long ago 
I cried out for mercy back then 
I plead the blood of Jesus 
Eb         F     Gm      F/A 
Begged Him to forgive my sins 
But I still can't forget it 
It just won't go away 
So I wept again 
"Lord, wash my sin" 
    Eb               F 
But this is all He'd say 

Bb          F/A 
  What sin, what sin 
            Gm              Bb/F             Eb   F 
  That's as far away as the east is from the west 
Bb          F/A 
  What sin, what sin 
         Gm            Bb/F          Eb 
  It was gone the very minute you confessed 
                Fsus            Bb       Cm7/F 
  Buried in the sea of forgetfulness 

The heaviest thing you'll carry 
Is a load of guilt and shame 
You were never bear it 
   Eb       F     Gm     F/A 
So let them go in Jesus' name 
Our God is slow to anger 
And quick to forgive our sin 
Gm                  Bb 
So let Him put them under the blood 
      Eb            Fsus    F 
Don't bring them up again 

'Cause He'll just say 

	Repeat Chorus

Bridge:  (much louder) 
Bb   F/A   Gm   Bb/F   Eb Eb/D 

Cm                Bb/D          Eb 
Oh, Lord please deliver me 
                  Bb/D   Cm 
From my accusing memory 
                 Bb/D      Eb 
Nothing makes me weep this way 
            Fsus          F 
Than when I hear You say 

  Repeat Chorus (softer, as before) 

(Ending chords) 
Bb   F/A   Gm   Bb/F   Eb   Gm F   Bb 

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