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Ryan Redman - Harry Van Keyboard

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by aman%5Fclaudino

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Ryan Redman - Harry Van

Intro Am Dm 

B            D 
This a Special Moment 
Of a Special Friend 
 D                 B 
He was born in Europe in Holland 
At the age of 2 
    B          C            D 
He leaved his country to move to Australia 
    C                     D 
With his parents 
 D               B 
He was an young man at the time 
   C               D 
He walked past this young lady 
   B                     D 
He fall in love when he walked past her 

    D                  C 
He asked her do you want to get marry 
She said yes 
   E                      C 
They lived in Hamilton for a couple of years 
   D                      C 
Then they lived for rest of the time in Morpeth 
     B                   D 
With their children named Tanya and Kelly 
      C                    B 
He had three grandchildren Ryan, Bradley and Caitlin 

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