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Nick - Forever

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Nick - Forever

	  		Fadd2                                    Dm7 
Things have been pretty rough with us lately 
Fadd2                                  Dm7 
But I need you to know you're still my baby 

Badd2                          Am 
I've never been very good with words 
    Gm                   Dm 
But after all we've been through 
    Badd2                    Am 
The only phrase that's on my mind is 
Gm         C 
Ohh I love you 

          Fadd2            C 
And we'll make it work somehow 
Because I love you way too much 
Just to  Give up now 
         Fadd2                C 
And even though we scream and shout 
      Gm                    Badd2 
We'll find a way to make it out 
Fadd2    C 
Together Together 
      Gm                Badd2 
It'll be just you and me 

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