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Pokemon - Advanced Challenge Keyboard

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by robepoiel

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Pokemon - Advanced Challenge

  		Am G Am 
Am                  F 
Every trainer has a choice,  
To listen to that voice inside.  
Am                        F 
I know the battle may be long,  
Winners may have come and gone.  
I will carry on.  
F                         C 
Yeah this dream will last forever,  
This dream will never die.  
F                         C               Am 
We will rise to meet the challenge everytime.  
(Advanced Challenge)  
           F              C 
Yeah this dream keeps us together,  
This shows that you and I,  
             F              C           Dm 
Will be the best that the world's ever seen.  
            F          C            G 
Because we always will follow this dream.  
Am G Am 

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