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Hard Luck Stories Keyboard


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by deivcavalcanti

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Hard Luck Stories

A      E/B    F#m7    E/G#   A 
E/B    F#m7   E/G# 

A                 E/B  F#m7 
Pick me up, eight o'clock  
              E/G#    A         E/B   F#m7   E/G# 
i'll meet you on the sidewalk  
A                    E/B   F#m7 
or honk twice, keep it running  
                  E              Esus4 
i promise not to take long 

E        Bm 
just my springsteen records 
A/C#     D 
and the favorite things 
my blue jean jacket 
           E          Bm 
and the clothes i'm in 
                 A/C#  D 
and one million good reasons 
                A        E/B   F#m7   E/G#      
to hit the car ceiling 

A          E/B  F#m7 
don't stop, go deep 
              E/G#    A         E/B   F#m7   E/G# 
we can sleep when we get there 
A                   E/B     Fm7 
we'll take turns at the wheel 
                 E                Esus4 
just go, take us anywhere 
E          Bm          
i took my good-luck nickel 
A/C#   D 
and a pair of shades 
i want to trade this winter 
          E           Bm 
for the sunny days 
           A/C#  D 
or whatever the season 
i'm gonna breathe in 

F#m7    E/G#   A       E/B     F#m7    E/G# 

and ain't it funny how the rain 
keeps running down the windshield 
i'm still holding my doorkeys 
A6/9                       E/G#         Esus4 
i should throw them in the backseat 
E          Bm     
among the hard luck stories 
A/C#     D 
and the long lost dreams 
the six-pack wrappers 
         E          Bm 
and the bad ideas 
           A/C#  D 
or whatever is keeping 
         E/G#        Esus4 
me from sleeping 

E        Bm 
i let a good girl go 
A/C#    D 
with a bad excuse 
the radio's playing 
that rich kid's blues 

and i don't know 
      A/C#  D 
what the song is about 
i take real deep hits 
just to shut them out 
and there's a great big hole 
 A/C#       D 
where my dreams once fit 
give me three, four minutes 
        E             Esus4      E 
and i'm over it 

Bm       A/C#     D 
whatever they're singing 
Bm       A/C# D 
whatever that girl said 
F#m             E 
whatever i was thinking 
                  Bm          A/C#   D 
A        E/B     F#m7     E/G#  A   E/B  F#m7 
     E/G#        A 
hey man, are we there yet? 
E/B     F#m7     E/G#  A   E/B   

F#m7 E/G#        Dadd9 
hey man, are we there yet? 

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