I'm Not Sorry


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I'm Not Sorry


Intro: G, Em, C, D 

I like playing with 3s on the high e and B strings 

When I'm laying down in bed 

I write you letters in my head 

   C                                D 
Of all the things I haven't said to you 

I'll be your lover, I'll be your wife 

I'm in the kitchen baking pies 

  C                                 D 
I wanna have that kind of life with you 

Am           C       D 
When you get home at night 

Am            C          D 
I'll have the house just right 


        G         Em 
I'm not sorry for saying that I want you 

    C                           D 
For waiting naked in my bed all day 

            G         Em 
And I'm not sorry for saying that I need you 

   C                            D 
To come and make a woman out of me 

C   D   E     
I'm not sorry 

I hope it won't scare you away 

I wanna have your kids someday 

       C                                   D 
They'd all have dimples on their face like you 

And when you're old or bald or grey 

I'm gonna love your wrinkly face 

  C                               D 
Nobody else could love you like I do 

Am           C       D 
When you get home at night 

Am             C         D 
I'll have your crown and sprite 


{I sorta a capella this part because I don't know what} 
{chords to use >___<;; Your help would be appreciated!} 

I never thought I could feel like this 
Everything changed from just one kiss 
The single life I wouldn't miss if I'm with you 

Chorus x2 

C   D   E           G 
I'm not sorry 

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I'll tell you how it goes with the gf. <3 

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