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(Carl Sigman and Charles Danvers)

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C    G7 C               C/B      Em    B7/13- Em7               
Till       the moon deserts the sky 
              Em6     Dm    Dm7+ Dm7 
Till all the seas run dry 
               Dm5-/7     G7/13 C7    
Till then I'll wor ship you 
Dm   Dm7+  Dm7            Dm6        C9 
Till           the tropic sun grows cold 
Till this young world grows old 
                     D9   G7 
My darling, I'll adore you 
C   C/B  Am7       Am7/G     Em  B7/13- Em7 
You         are my reason to live 
      Em6          Dm    Dm7+ Dm7 
All I own I would give 
         D6           D9  G7        
Just to have you adore me 
C    G7  C             C/B      Em     B7/13- Em7 
Till        the rivers flow upstream 
            Em6        Dm     Dm7+ Dm7 
Till lovers cease to dream 
              Dm7/G     G7    C 
Till then I'm yours, be mine 

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