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One More Down Keyboard

Mandolin Orange

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tamamoreira

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One More Down



C Em F C Am Em F F 
Am Em F C Am G C C 

C                Em  F            C 
Went out on the town for just one round 
       Am         Em                 F 
And it seemed one down, just one enough 
  Am               Em 
I have no broken heart 
   F                C   
my soul is far from torn apart (But I know enough to play the part) 
       Am                G                C 
Heres one more down, and thats just the start 

     C      Em          F      C 
Well im a fool for the finest girl 
    Am     Em        F 
But shes no fool for me 
  Am      Em     F        C 
I try and try to catch her eye 
    Am   G                    C 
And pray someday that she may see 

C Em F C Am Em F F 
Am Em F C Am G C C 

Dm             Am 
But time is my answer? 
F                          C    G 
Draggin water through the crowd 
Dm         Am                   G        G7      
I ain't dancing, dancing on my cloud 

     C      Em           F        C 
Well I hear tale of that morning dove 
    Am         Em      F 
She flies from pine to pine 
    Am       Em     F         C 
So I'll take wing, mourn and sing 
Am        G            C 
Until that girl for me is mine 


Dm Am F C G 
Dm Am G G7 

     C         Em         F          C 
Well I laid down with circles in my head 
      Am           Em            F 
And I dreamed that dream I never had 
      Am           Em              F          C 
I was coming down a mountain into a deep dark core 
            Am              G             C 
But in that dream it didn't seem all that bad 

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