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	  		Fm          Em 
Talking out loud 
Fm         Em 
Talk to myself 
Fm            Em 
A stone in a cloud 
Fm         Em 
Silence in Hell 
Fm         Em 
Look at us now 
Fm          Em 
Broken like teeth 
Fm          Em 
Torn at the mouth  
Fm           Em 
Loosing our feet 
Fm          Am    Gm   Fm   Em 
Caught in a landslide 

Fm         Em 
Let it all out 
Fm              Em 
Scream till you bleed 
Fm                 Em 
There is no coming back 
Fm            Em 
Search out to see 
Fm          Em 
You call me brother 
Fm       Em 
Sister I plead 
Fm            Em 
Out with our lives 
Fm            Em 
Out with all weak 
Fm           Am    Gm   Fm   Em 
Caught in a landslide 

Fm Em Gm Fm Am Gm Fm Em 
  oh   oh     oh    oh  

Gm Fm Am Gm Fm Em 
  oh   oh    oh     ( repeat many times ) 

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