Low Roar

Give Up

Low Roar

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Give Up

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	  		D9        D 
I won't wake 
D9         G 
A wealthy man someday 
        Bm              D9 
'Cause the sun, don't follow me 
D9        D 
I won't wake 
D9      G 
Without a song to sing 
Nothing to some 
Everything to me 

D9    D 
On my worst 
D9        G 
I'll do my best 
To make it seem 
Like I'm happy 

D9          D 
I've grown dumb 
 D        G 
Dry as my tear ducts 
I've grown dumb 
And empty 

(Refrão 3x) 

            G    Bm    D 
But don't give up on me 

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