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Remember Tomorrow Keyboard


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by paulantunes

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Remember Tomorrow


G    C    F  C  G   
G    C    F  C  Am  D 
Em    Bm    Em    Am 
G  D  C  G  Am  F  G 

verse 1 
                     C         F 
Don't come to me reminiscing 
               C          G 
Don't drag the past to my door 
                          C         F  
Don't tell me what you're missing 
          C            Am   D 
What is it you take me for? 

verse 2 
            Em                     Bm              
'Cause when you start on about the old days 
            Em             Am 
That's when I'll be moving on 
         G             D       
When you cry into your beer 
            C                   G 
Then that's me, straight out of here 
       Am       C               G 
Just remember tomorrow when I'm gone 

verse 3 
                      C         F  
Sure, we've all got a history 
            C             G 
Sure, we've got a tale to tell 
                          C         F 
I'd sooner yours stayed a mystery 
          C           Am    D 
'Cause to me it's just hell 

verse 4 
    Em                        Bm    
But past's not a bad place to visit 
       Em                   Am 
But to stay here don't seem right 
    G                       D      
So, come on and raise your glass 
       C                G 
To whatever's still the past 
      Am       C         G 
And remember tomorrow, tonight 

G    C    F  C  G   
G    C    F  C  Am  D 
Em    Bm    Em    Am 
G  D  C  G  Am  F  G 

Verse 5 
                              C         F     
Here comes that song you keep picking 
                C            G 
Here comes that look on your face 
                         C           F  
Just like a needle that's sticking 
              C                    Am     D 
You're always stuck in the same old place__ 

Verse 6 
   Em                    Bm     
So open your eyes to the future 
        Em                  Am 
When it all comes new once again 
    G             D  
And dedicate your days  
       C               G 
To the changing of the ways 
      Am       C 
And remember tomorrow now 
    G             D  
And dedicate your nights  
       C               G 
To the raising of your sights 
      Am       C               G    D C  G  Am  F  G 
And remember tomorrow, now and then__ 

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