Liam Clancy

Black Water Side

Liam Clancy

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Black Water Side


Intro: G 

verse 1: 
                      C           D 
One morning fair as I chanced the air 
     Em       F      G 
Down by Black Water Side 
         C      G    C     G 
'Twas in gazing all around me 
        C     G 
That an Irish girl I spied 

verse 2: 
                     C      D 
All in the fore part of the night 
     Em        F         G 
They rolled in sport and play 
          C          G           C          G 
Then this young man arose and he put on his clothes 
         C         G 
Saying, "Fare thee well today" 

verse 3: 
                            C       D 
"That's not the promise you made to me 
         Em   F      G 
When you lay upon my breast 
          C         G               C     G 
You could make me believe with your lying tongue 
         C        G 
That the sun rose in the west" 

verse 4: 
                          C           D 
"Go home, go home to your father's garden 
   Em       F        G 
Go home and cry your fill 
    C            G      C  G 
And think of the sad misfortune 
          C          G 
I brought on with my wanton will" 

                           C        D 
"There's not a flower in this whole world 
   Em     F      G 
As easily led as I 
         C          G       C           G 
And when fishes can fly and seas do run dry 
      C                G   F   G 
It is then that you'll marry__ I" 

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